So Kyle, you performed 227 shows at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival which makes you the world record holder of the most amount of comedy shows performed at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I actually finished the festival with 230 shows so get your facts right and but some respect on my name aka king of the fringe.

How does it feel to be the champion?
It feels like I have completed the fringe. My confidence is at an all time high but my brain is at an all time low. My mind is mashed but I love it. I feel like I just did the Tour de France 5 times in a row.

What inspired you do to go for the record?
I new I could do it because I like being on stage more than I like being off stage. It’s my happy place. Plus I wanted to prove that u don’t need jokes to be a comedian because jokes are for cruise ships. Also shout out to Greggs bakery for keeping me strong!

Can you describe your average day at the fringe?
Wake up next to my friend Ruven as we sharing a bed because Edinburgh expensive as hell, then I try figure out how I’m gonna wing this kids show again. Then after that it’s easy I just keep going for the next 14 hours til it’s 2am and I get a well deserved baileys.

Do you think it can be beaten?
No one touching this record! Even dave Chappelle couldn’t bomb and kill that many times in one day and get up and do it again the next day.

Any advice for anyone who might attempt to take the record from you?
Prepare to spend a lot of money on lucozade & get banned from a show or two because your just too funny now.

Its an incredible achievement. Now that you have done it, have you any other aims in comedy or shall you rest upon your well-deserved laurels?
This is just the start, next year I’m breaking the record for least amount of shows and gonna do 1 minute once a day.

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